Is Crypto Investment is Good or Bad in India

by Mapping Returns
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If you are a crypto investor then you probhly know the situation of crytpocurrencies in india. The india goverment implimented a rule on cryto investment, that will you need to know if you are thinking about crypto investiment in india.

So in this article we will review the investment of crypto india is good or not.

Crypto Taxes In India

In 2022, indian goverment decided to put taxes on cryto trading. For example, if you are purchased a crypto token or coin and holded for years, and then you want to sell. So you have to pay the 30% tax on the crypto you are selling.

So, if you have patience then suggest you invest in crypto, as it is the key to make profit from crypto trading. Many people buy cryptocurrencies but they are sold in 5 to 6 months, I think it is not a good deal, you have to wait.

Still, if you want to invest, I suggest you to invest in a sector which is not harmful to your financial life, for example stocks and bonds.

Is Crypto currencies investment safe in india?

No, it is not safe, cryptocurrencies are beneficial when they are free from government taxes and you can increase your profits. Our concern is to inform you that, no matter whether you buy or sell it, you will have to pay taxes in both profit and loss situations.

Next is your choice, but still I say please don’t invest your money in something that is temporary. You can invest in other things as well as buy multiple stock and mutual fund portfolios.

Is crypto the currency of the future? No, it will die with the evolution of time and other things. Even 67% of people believe that crypto is a bad investment. Because they lost their money to money hunger.

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