Aadhaar Capital: Personal Loan Review & Benefits

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It is a good step to check before taking any kind of loan from a new company like Aaadhar Capital. Because reviews and benefits give you more detailed information about the company.

In this article, you will get all the information about Aadhaar Capital Personal Loan, reviews and benefits.

Aadhaar Capital offers hassle-free financial support up to 80 Lakh at @9% ROI with min@9.5% to max@10.5% APR with a repayment period of a min 1 year to a max of 20 years, with zero processing fees.


The Loan Amount is 10,000, Interest Rate is 9% p.a, and Loan Period is 1 Year. Then the total repayment amount after 1 year is 10,000 + 900(9% ROI) = Rs 10,900

About Aadhaar Capital

Aadhaar Capital is a finance pioneer in India that provides financial services to needy people as per their financial requirements. They are into offering fast and flexible financial services to the users on easy and flexible terms and conditions.

Aadhaar Capital helps users to decide, explore and view our services from a wide variety of loan offers like Personal, Business, Home and Education loans. The team at Aadhar Capital understands how important your dreams are and the company assures you to live them up with an easy loan process.

Customer Reviews

Aadhaar Capital Personal Loan Benefits

Personal loans by Aadhar Capital can be availed with interest rates that can range from 15% to 24% p.a. The interest rate applicable to a customer is determined by the company after considering several factors such as income, loan amount, age, credit score, work experience, repayment tenure, etc.

  • Low Intrest Rates.
  • Fast Distribution.
  • 24/7 Help
  • Loan without Salary Slip

Guide: How To Apply

Here is the complete guide to applying successfully application for Aadhaar Capital Personal Loan.

Step 1: Visit the official website – https://aadhaarcapital.co

Step 2: Enter your full name and phone number.

Step 3: Fill out the personal details like – age, gender, address.

Step 4: Submit the contact form with identity documents like pan card, aadhaar card.

Step 5: Wait for 1 hour and check the mail.

In Conclusion

From our point of view, the aadhaar capital is a safe and secure website for avail loans. however, the process takes time but after applying you don’t feel that you wasted your time filling out the contact form.

If you need a personal loan without a salary slip this article will help you.

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