Aadhaar Cash Loan: Review & Guide

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Aadhaar cash review

Do you know how many loan companies are there in India?

According to NBFCs, there are 20,000 companies registered under NBFC listing in India but the question is which one is legal and illegal. In this article, we will review an in-depth analysis of the guide to applying for aadhaar cash and loan.

About Aadhaar Cash

Aadhaar Cash offers you hassle-free financial support up to 50 lakhs at @7.00% ROI with min@7.5% to max@8.5% APR with a repayment period of a min 1 year to a max of 20 years, and zero processing fees.


The Loan Amount is 10,000, Interest Rate is 7% p.a, and Loan Period is 1 Year.

Then the total repayment amount after 1 year is 10,000 + 900(7% ROI) = Rs 10,700

Team of 2 co-founders who realized the vision to solve some everyday problems and searched to make those opportunities simpler. The organization launched in 2018, and the company is growing day by day in India.

Type of Loans Company Provide

  • Home Loan
  • Perosnal Loan
  • Instant Loan
  • Business Loan
  • Car Loan
  • Medical Loan

Social Media Activities

The company has great activities on Facebook and Instagram and engages with its customers frequently.

Aadhaar Cash Customers Reviews

In this era, customer reviews are the most important part of any company’s success as reviews tell whether new customers should buy their services or not. Let us go a step ahead and talk about Aadhar Cash, and reviews of the company on various platforms.

Google My Business – From the experience of customers, they all have positive reviews about the company. The organization has a 4.5-star rating on Google My Business listing by 11.1k people.

MouthShut – The company has a total of 2365 reviews on mouthshut.com, with a 4.3 rating and 13 negative reviews saying the company was a fraud, but 2000 people said they were satisfied with the base cash service.

Our Reviews and Opinion on Aadhaar Cash

We did a comprehensive research on the company, we became their client to know how Aadhar Cash Loan Service is doing with the customers. From our research, we found that the company is providing its services very well to the customers without any gimmicks.

Tip: When you want to apply for any type of loan with Aadhaar Cash. first of all, talk to their customer service executive. The executive will help you out and give you new offers on different types of loans that will benefit you.

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Is Aadhaar Cash Safe?

yes, it is completely safe and secure.

What is an aadhaar cash DSA login?

DSA is the dashboard provided by the company to get information like EMI details, new offers and credit scores.

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