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A Website Tester is an individual who advises about a random website and app. Many companies require testers to install software that will enable your activity to be recorded. You may inform me to speak about the site’s design, quality, and ease of use.

1. UserTesting

 – This company is currently employing website testers worldwide. You are reimbursed $10 cash for every 20-15 minute test you do. 

2. Whatusersdo

 – Payment is $8 or more through Paypal. The test takes approximately 15-20 minutes to finish. You must have a Mac or PC, WiFi access and a microphone.

3. UserTest

 – Pay is $10.50 per test study. It’s complimentary to join and takes 5 minutes to evolve a qualified tester.

4. Enrol

 – Get paid to test websites before they are published. Earn cash rewards.

5. UTest

 – This company offers a variety of website testing possibilities.

6. UserFeel

 – This company pays approximately $10 per test.

7. Start-Up Lift

 – Website tester jobs are available directly. You are paid $5 per test via Paypal.

8. Analysis

 – Test takes everywhere 15 minutes to complete. Pay is $10 per test.

9. TryMyUI

 – Tests take around 15-20 minutes to end. Pay is $10 per test.

10. Userlytics

 – Both webcam and microphone are needed to complete the test. Pay is $10 per test.

11. Amazon Mechanical Turk

 – Amazon owns this company. It delivers Website Tester jobs, but the pay may be much less than the others on this list.

12. Testing Time

 – Get paid to conduct user testing examinations. You will earn up $50 per test, paid via Paypal.

13. TestBirds

As a TestBirds tester, you can provide feedback on apps, websites, videotape games, and electronics. Most of their ordeals pay at least $10, some upward of $70. Other tests offer rewards for every bug you find.

14. Ferpection

Ferpections testers make up to $100 per month to test both sites and mobile applications. For each test, you’ll need to take screenshots on your phone or tablet, with an accompanying description and feedback of your experience.

Payments are made monthly via PayPal if your credit is above the equivalent of £20.

15. Beta Family

BetaFamily is particularly for testing Android and iOS apps. Most of their available tests

 last 45–60 minutes and pay $10. Each of your tests will be rated. You’ll be invited to test more additional apps as your rating increases.

You must have at least $50 in your account balance before withdrawing this. The capital can take up to 30 days to reach your bank account.

16. UpWork

UpWork is a site where freelancers find and get involved work in many initiatives, including app testing.

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