3 Tips To Earn Most of From Google Adsense

by Mapping Returns
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Everyone wants to be and expect that one day he/she will get a chance to become rich. But wise people know that day never comes and hopes never come true.

Only one thing is true, if you want to earn money don’t rely on oppurtunites, create your own oppurtunites. So, here is my story that how I earned on an average of 400$ per month from google adsense alone.

Many of you won’t believe on my statement of 400 dollars theory right!

To make you trust on me, i will show you the proof that how i earned most of google adsense.

Here is a screen shot, you can see thoroughly!

Now, it make sense to teach you and i also expect that you have trust and interest to know.

So let’s start the journey

First of fall, i want to mention one thing about this blog. In this blog i won’t teach you how to earn from google ads, because you already know this.

Paid ads to get traffic

When I started my website, yes it is mappingreturns.com, I didn’t have enough traffic to approve my application for google adsense ads. Because it was new website with low domain authority and backlinks.

Then the first challenge for me is to get traffic and get my Adsense approved.

We all know that timing is important, same way I couldn’t wait for that time to get more backlinks and get traffic.

So, I make up my mind to run Google Adwords search ads to get my Google Adsense application approved.

It sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it!

I don’t know what it feels to you, but i can that worked for me. Lastly i approved my website for google adsense and embed some ads on it like right sidebar.

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