Earning Money Online From Mobile is Easy! You Can Also Earn in These 04 Ways.

by Mapping Returns
Earning Money Online From Mobile is Easy

With time, the trend of smartphones has increased. Life has also become more accessible with its help. Mobile is no longer limited to just talking. With this, you can easily make online money without going to the bank. Can do good quality video-photoshoot without DSLR. But only a few people know that with this help, Earning Money can also be made sitting at home.

It may seem ridiculous to some people, but it is one hundred per cent true. You can earn money from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, content writing and blogging if you have talent. Let us understand these 04 ways to make money from mobile…


The credit goes to YouTube for revolutionizing the world of video content. Most people also spend hours here. Watch your favourite movie, watch songs or any other video. The secret of earning money is hidden in this. The company making the video gets the money for the video you watch. Similarly, you also create a channel and then upload exciting videos. After completing 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours on the track, you will start getting money according to the views.


Facebook is the most popular social media platform. Like YouTube, you can earn money here too. You will have to create a page on which videos must be uploaded. For this, you can take the help of the Facebook Studio App. After having 10 Likes or Followers on the Facebook page, good money can be earned by placing advertisements. Here you can also make money from promotion.


This social media platform has now spread its feet in the villages. Even in the towns, people are fond of making reels, i.e. small videos. You, too, can make such videos. There should be 1000 or more followers for optimization on Instagram. After this, the company will start giving you money.

Online Games

Above, it has been talked about reading and writing, but only a few people know you can make money by playing online games. You can earn good money if you play games on SkillClass, Winzo, Bigcash and Gamezy apps. These include games like cricket, car racing, fruit cut, bubble shooter, and ludo. However, for this, it is necessary to win the game.


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