How to Sell Digital Products: A Full Guide 

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How to Sell Digital Products

Digital products can’t be held, tasted, or touched, but everyone consumes them—from music to videos, ebooks to online courses, and more. Due to their popularity and ease of distribution, many entrepreneurs build entire businesses around these intangible goods or launch digital product lines to complement the physical products or services they offer.

What makes them especially appealing, however, is that digital products can be created once and sold repeatedly to different customers without having to replenish your inventory, making them ideal for creatives, artists, educators, and freelancers looking for new income streams that require less effort to maintain.

What are Digital Products 

A Digital Product is a software-enabled product or service that offers some form of utility to a human being.

In other words, all digital products, from a mobile app to a website experience, attempt to solve a problem for a group of people trying to accomplish something.

Digital Products You Can Sell 

Online Courses

Teaching online courses can be one way to turn your skills into income. Similar to e-books, online courses appeal to a wide range of people who want to learn what you can teach them, and are willing to pay you to gain access to your knowledge.

It doesn’t matter what that knowledge or expertise is: marketing, productivity, yoga, SEO, writing code, social media, guitar repair – you name it, there’s an audience out there eager to learn what you teach. 


If you are proficient in photography, you can enter many different niches to sell your work. Some popular examples are landscape and eCommerce photography. The latter is becoming increasingly popular as more businesses move online and products require high-quality images.


Just like photography, you can sell printables online. This can include a wide variety of items, from calendar and planner templates to digital art. For example, if you run a travel blog, you can create itineraries for different destinations. You might also consider selling checklists, packing lists and other useful materials.

Web Applications

If you are a developer, creating and selling software and web-based applications is a great way to earn money. Many businesses today are looking to build mobile apps, and the software industry continues to grow.

You can also consider creating plugins and themes to sell. You can do this independently or through a marketplace site such as ThemeForest.


One of the most popular forms of digital products to sell as eBooks. The US alone With over 300 million eBooks sold in the past decade in the U.S., now is a solid time to get into digital publishing.

Whether you’re interested in publishing fiction or educational books, you can do it all from your own MemberPress site. There are also many platforms that enable you to do this. One of the most popular is Amazon.


Another type of digital product you can sell online is templates. This is a very broad category that can include different types of content, such as resumes, logos, social media posts, infographics, spreadsheets and cards.

There are also many different places you can promote them. You can sell directly from your website using a plugin like Easy Digital Downloads or using a website like Canva.

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Platforms which you can use to sell your product 


Gumroad makes it ridiculously easy for anyone to sell eBooks and other digital products. It handles the entire sales process for your eBook, from secure payment to digital delivery of your PDF file and credits the proceeds to your bank account.


Sellwire gives you a simple selling platform that packs a lot of features. It has file management, order tracking and management, and promotional offers. Sellwire also gives insightful reports on the way your products are performing in any given situation. It supports PayPal and Stripe payments. This means that all your transactions are going to be processed with an extra.


Flickrocket is the leading cloud platform and shop system for Digital Rights Management (DRM) protected content sales worldwide. More than 15000 large and small content owners have selected FlickRocket to power their shops with digital distribution.

Creative Market 

Creative Market is an online marketplace for community-generated design assets. The company sells graphics, WordPress themes, stock photography and other digital goods for use by web creatives. The Creative Market has over a million users and over 250,000 purchasable items.


E-junkie was built to sell digital downloads like e-books, music and movies. If you are looking to sell your digital products, E-junkie is one of the best website to use. 


Shopify has expanded to support eCommerce, social eCommerce, and direct shopping options with a single click-to-buy button. It is a leader in modern eCommerce and allows its customers to create eCommerce stores for digital and physical goods. 

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