You Will Get 30 Thousand Rupees Every Month From Instagram! New Offer Blew Up

by Mapping Returns

Regarding photo and video share apps, the name Instagram comes first. It is used the most. You can also earn more by using Instagram. With this, you can earn 30 thousand rupees every month. You will be surprised to read. But you can indeed earn by watching as well as sharing the reel. Let’s know how…

Instagram Reels Play Bonus

A new program has come on Instagram, whose name is Play Bonus Program. With the help of this, you can earn money. This can be a great option to earn money on reel content. Content creators are given incentives through this program. This can earn. But first, you have to apply.

You can find the Reels Play Bonus information on the app itself. But the bonus will not be the same. The bonus may increase or decrease over time, depending on the content and whether the bonus will be more or less.

You must apply for the play bonus within 24 hours of uploading the reel. For this, one has to go to the bonus page. Must be tagged for the program on the post. Apart from this, you also have to follow the policy. If violated, the bonus will not be received.

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