9 Ideas To Make Money In Winter

by Mapping Returns
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Are you looking to make money in winter? Taking advantage of the cold winter weather can be one way to earn extra cash! Here’s where to get started.

Whether you’re out of work, needing extra income, or looking for something part-time to help with the holidays, making money during winter is easier than you think.

From shoveling snow, delivering groceries, and pet sitting to selling items online, there are many ways to make money in the winter months.

Take part in surveys to make money From Your Couch.

While answering surveys online is not the highest-paying side job, it is an easy way to make money quickly if you’re in a pinch.

Survey Junkie has been in the industry for a while, and they enable users to make a pocket change by voicing their opinions to brands and researchers.

Users can redeem their Survey Junkie points for rewards like gift cards to popular retailers, PayPal cash, and more.

Survey Junkie is a legit site with an excellent rating on Trustpilot (4.5/5). They pay up to $75 per survey. 

Swagbucks is another survey company with an “excellent” rating on Trustpilot (4.3/5) that lets you make money immediately.

Swagbucks will pay you to watch videos, surf the web, play games, and complete surveys. You get free PayPal money to do things you already do.

It takes 5 seconds to sign up, and you’ll get a $10 signup bonus.

PRO TIP: You must verify your email address to get your $10 welcome bonus.

Snow Removal

In cold weather states, snow removal is in high demand! Even before the first snowflakes hit, many individuals are seeking to hire help with snow removal for their homes and businesses.

If you’re good with a shovel, have a snow blower, or even better, a plow for your truck, you can offer your services to those who don’t have the time or ability to remove their snow. 

While it does require working out in the cold, snow removal can pay great money, especially during snowstorms and blizzards. It’s a great way to supplement your income during winter and help others. 

Selling items online

Have a smartphone or a laptop? Need to clear out some clutter?

Selling items online can be a great way to make money in the winter or anytime which suits you best. Clean out your bookshelves and closets and post items you no longer need for sale on eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or elsewhere to earn some extra money.

See what the best items to sell on eBay for cash are.

All you need are a few photos and a description to get started. It can be a great way to eliminate old items like clothes you no longer wear or toys your children have outgrown.

Are you one of the crafty types? If you’ve got a knack for making goods, this is an excellent opportunity to make money while sitting at home!

Make an account on websites like eBay or Etsy, and start putting stuff you make online. Whether you’re knitting, quilting, making cold weather clothes, or doing other fun crafts, there are lots of things you can sell on Etsy for a profit.

Before posting your items for sale, do a bit of quick research and ensure you are competitively pricing your items. You want your items to be considered for sale but still make a profit.

Start a Side Hustle

Do you have special skills you could use to earn money? Freelancers are needed in all areas, and picking up a side hustle can give you experience and extra money.

Whether you find a project on Fiverr or pick up a part-time gig on FlexJobs, there are many ways to market your talent and make money. You can even complete surveys for cash, sell photos, walk dogs, and more. 

Check out these side hustle ideas to get you started.


Are you comfortable with children and have experience with their care? Many parents are now struggling to hire babysitters and nannies for their families.

Whether they need childcare during the day, just for a short term like when school is out during winter break or for a holiday date night, babysitters are in high demand.

While going rates for babysitting vary depending on where you live, earnings are competitive, and this can be a fun way to make money if you love children.

Experienced sitters can earn even more with solid references, CPR certification, and other related education or skills.

Make up some business cards and offer your services in online groups for your area. You’re sure to find a connection for an opportunity that fits you.

Pet Sitting

Child care is not the only care that is needed right now! Pet parents seek qualified sitters for their pets to help care for them during the day while they are at work or while they are away traveling.

Depending on the pet owner’s needs, this could be merely checking on the animals or could be more involved, including walking, exercising, and socializing with their animals, so they are not lonely.

If you love pets, this could be an excellent opportunity to show your love to some new furry friends and get paid to do it. Be sure to check out these dog walking opportunities as well!

Get a paid internship.

If you’re a high school or college student at home on winter break, an internship can be a great way to earn money and experience during the time off from classes.

Look for opportunities in your area of study, and if it’s available, see if you can also earn educational credits.

Your school should have a connection of internship opportunities for your area or spread the word to family and friends you’re looking for a part-time paid opportunity.

The money will surely be an incentive for you, as well as all the skills you’ll get to learn. Be sure to check out these other ways to make money in college.

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