EarnKaro App Review: How, What & Why?

by Mapping Returns

Hello friends, today we will talk about how you can earn money at home. Are you a housewife but want to make money online while sitting at home? So for this, you do not have to wander here and there because today, we will tell you how to earn money online, with the help of which you can make a good amount online while sitting at home. All you have to do is to join the EarnKaro application or the EarnKaro website, which is free. 

For your information, tell us that EarnKaro is a very simple concept working platform; this platform allows you to earn money online from home. With the help of the EarnKaro platform, you can earn up to “50 thousand rupees per month” every month. All you have to do is share the deal. Next, we will tell you much important information about the EarnKaro platform. To know, read the article till the end.

Today, most people want everything from online websites to buy fashion, beauty, household, and kitchen items or medicines. Since the pandemic occurred in the country, people have started shopping online. Taking advantage of this opportunity, would you like extra income online? The EarnKaro application and website will prove very beneficial for you to earn extra income. On the EarnKaro platform, you can affiliate the products of big websites like Ajio, Amazon, Myntra, and Flipkart.

All you have to do is copy the Link to the products of these popular brands and paste the Link on the EarnKaro Make Links, after which the affiliate link will be created. After the affiliate link of the product is created, you can share that Link with your friends and relatives through WhatsApp, Facebook, or other social sites. If you have a relative of your gender or a friend of yours make a purchase, you will get some percentage profit.

If you also want to understand how you can make money, read the entire article carefully to understand this interesting concept because you have a lot to learn.

What Can You Sell Through Earnkaro?

For your information, tell us that through Earnkaro, you can affiliate with any Vastu and earn a profit. Friends, if you do not know, then tell you that there are more than 2 lakh products on Amazon, which you can affiliate with and earn well. On Earnkaro, you will find many big e-commerce platforms like Ajio, Myntra, and Flipkart. , Then you can guess how big operating you are getting from this platform. You can also get Earnkaro already listed products or create and share affiliate links of any product yourself.

You Can Sell Products in the Following Categories Through EarnKaro.

  • Men Fashion
  • Women Fashion
  • Baby product
  • Beauty
  • Grocery and Essential Items
  • Health and Personal Care
  • Electronics
  • Home and Kitchen

On EarnKaro, you will get to see many other categories as well, such as Domaine & Hosting (Godaddy), Flight Booking (GoIbibo), SBI Card, Education Service (Udemy), Hotel Booking (OYO), etc.

How to Use Earn Karo App?

To earn money from EarnKaro, you have to follow very easy steps. Which we will tell you about in further detail. Read and follow all the steps carefully, so you do not face other problems. So let’s start.

Step 1: Download the EarnKaro app = First, you have to go to Google Play Store, search “EarnKaro” in the search box, and you have to “Install” on your phone. This application has more than 1 million downloads.

Step 2: EarnKaro App Registration information = After opening the application, you have to register and share some of your information with EarnKaro. For example, please enter your name, email id, phone number, and password, and join us for free. Then click on ‘Start Earning. ‘

Step 3: Make Link = Once you have logged in, click on the button ‘Make Link, ‘which appears at the bottom of the app.

Step 4: Make Profit Link = Search for any product you want to sell in any category on EarnKaro’s page or go to the retailer partner’s website. Copy the product link, paste it here, and click “Make Profit Link. “

Step 5: Share Profit Link on Social Media = Now your profit link is ready, which you can share on any social media platform like website, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, YouTube, etc., and make your Link more Can reach more people.

Step 6: My Earnings = Now, whenever someone purchases through your Link, you will get a profit which you can see in the “My Earnings” section of the EarnKaro account.

Step 7: Withdraw My Earning = Any profit you get will be seen in the “My Earning” section, which you can transfer to your bank account. At least you can withdraw Rs 10.

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