PeoplePerHour Review: Is It Worth to Use

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Peopleperhour Review: Is It Worth to Use 

If you are a freelancer, you must be familiar with PeoplePerHour and want to make extra money with your academic skills. But before using it you must want to go through its review. So, we are here to share our honest review with you in this blog: 

What is PeoplePerHour?

According to its website, PeoplePerHour is “the longest-running freelance service in the UK. It is a legitimate option for freelancers and buyers who have been used for over a decade. You also can hire contractors and use the site as a source of extra income if you are interested in applying your skills in one of the many categories listed. Payments are protected for both parties because they are placed in escrow. If you are an experienced person then you can make good money by using this website. 

How Does it Work? 

Businesses can advertise projects, and freelancers can submit proposals in response, giving them the opportunity to select the best freelancer for the work. About 15 different job categories are available, including those for IT, marketing, SEO, translation, social media, video, writing, administration, design, tutorials, and more. The PeoplePerHour instant messaging feature can be used to conduct all necessary communication for the job.

When you begin to become well-established on the site and people are satisfied with your work, they will leave reviews that will be featured on your profile. Additionally, freelancers have the option to post endorsements from non-PPH clients to their profiles.

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How to become a freelancer on PeoplePerHour?

You must first apply because PeoplePerHour must authorise each freelancer before they can join. After being accepted, you may create your profile by including a professional headshot, listing your experience, job title, up to 10 talents that are keyword-based, work examples, and desired hourly rate.

The next step is to look for tasks that match your expertise and skill set well. Although PeoplePerHour accomplishes this automatically, you can be more active by searching for them independently or opting to receive notifications when appropriate new jobs are posted.

When you locate a job you’re interested in, you submit an application by sending a proposal that explains to the client why you’re the best freelancer for the position.

Pros and Cons of PeoplePerHour


  • There is an extensive network of businesses and potential clients.
  • It can lead to a high volume of local and global work.
  • You can choose your rates as a freelancer, and freelancers have fixed prices for buyers.
  • It is a little more secure than independent freelancing, as buyers have to deposit into an escrow account.
  • Invoicing is automatic.
  • You can choose your work hours as a freelancer.
  • You can have both a buyer and a seller account.
  • Everyone is a certified professional, and all freelancers have to be approved.
  • It comes with an app for convenience


  • There is a large number of freelancers to compete with.
  • There is less job security and no guaranteed level of work—it may fluctuate and be unpredictable.
  • If you want competitive pricing, there is less flexibility on specific projects because many people may be willing to work for less money.
  • There are high platform fees.
  • Benefits are not included for freelancers.
  • There is poor customer support if there are problems with tech or payments.
  • Spam accounts can infiltrate the platform.

User’s Review

If you want to lose money and deal with FAKE freelancers then use PPH. I am sure it’s a scam website and they created a lot of scam freelancer profiles and they apply for all jobs posted. After that receive escrow money and postpone tasks. Without doing anything they take money from escrow and steal money from BUYERS. I don’t recommend using and hiring freelancers in PPH never, you will lose your money and your valuable time too. – Armen Markosyan

PeoplePerHour enables users to work as freelance journalists, social media managers, copywriters, SEO specialists, web developers. By using these platforms wisely, you can easily find what you’re looking for and start earning some Extra Money while improving your skill set at the same time! – Manaf Mani

It’s completely up to PPH. You can create your ID by using 100% genuine and authenticated information, PPH will review and see if you are good to go. Hope this might help you. – Chhotu Suthar


Is PeoplePerHour suitable for beginners?

Almost all established freelancers don’t use freelance sites. And they will also advise you to avoid them as well. It’s true that freelance platforms such as UpWork,, and PeoplePerHour can be toxic, and it’s never a good idea to depend on such sites.

Is PeoplePerHour free?

PeoplePerHour is a marketplace for hiring top-quality freelance professionals. It allows free access to detailed freelancer profiles, has good project posting tools, offers video conferencing between buyers and freelancers, matches talent to projects, and facilitates payments.

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