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The Star Atlas blockchain metaverse is much more than a game; it’s a brand-new virtual solar system with multi-dimensional play-to-earn mechanisms and a strong, fully functional economy that has the potential to alter how things are done on Earth altogether. To facilitate massive multiplayer online (MMO) gaming on the Solana blockchain, Star Atlas will integrate NFTs and cryptocurrencies. You can play a browser minigame right now, but it requires some NFT payments.

Star Atlas won’t be free, that is for sure. Your Solana wallet processes every choice or transaction you make in the game for a specific price or fee. Standard ships, for example, can have minimum prices as low as $20 USDC. You can use your Solana wallet to make decisions, such as which side to represent for a little under a penny in SOL.

Some of the critical highlights of Star Atlas NFT: 

  • Built on the Solana Metaverse, with a lively virtual parcel market
  • NFTs aplenty
  • Two indigenous currencies
  • Space travel, combat, and more are planned
  • Not Free to play

Players of Star Atlas can engage in play-to-earn, peer-to-peer, and decentralized finance activities through a particular in-game interface by utilizing the Solana-designed Serum DEX. Users can access the decentralized marketplace capabilities by connecting their Phantom Solana ecosystem wallet. But there will be play-to-win opportunities in Star Atlas. Playing the game will win you ATLAS and POLIS core tokens.

You can do some things even if the game hasn’t been fully published. You can send ships you’ve purchased on missions and join a faction now that the market is open.

Features of the Star Atlas

The next thing on this Star Atlas review is some game features. Star Atlas is loaded with things that you need in a great match. Here are some of its best features:


The locations of these nations will determine strategic advantages based on the manufacturing capacity of what adjacent raw materials are available to each faction. Each faction has strengths and weaknesses. Passports will allow players to associate with other countries, and each player’s profits and successes will raise their country’s position on the global leader board. You may read a detailed analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of each group on the Star Atlas website to learn more.

  • Territorial MUD: A group of people known as MUD Territory has left Earth to build a new home in space. They use their technological know-how and expertise against two rival factions as a weapon of mass destruction.
  • Region of ONI: The ONI Region is inhabited by various alien animals since extraterrestrial civilizations govern it. They are frightening the other two groups by using technology and biological intellect.
  • Sector Ustur: The Ustur Sector is ruled by lifelike robots that use cutting-edge technology and have a conscience.

Game mode

Star Atlas comes with various game modes, some of which are mentioned below.

  • Player vs. Environment (PvE): Users can engage in combat with NPC or computer-controlled players in the PvE (Player Versus Environment) realm to achieve several tasks. The ultimate goal of PvE in Star Atlas is to search the universe for new planets that could be colonized and mined for resources. In PvE mode, players might make money by mining rare resources from discovered planets and selling them there.
  • Player competitions (PvP): After discovering new worlds, players are required to take part in PvP mode (Player versus Player). Players can board a spacecraft to compete with their chosen factions for resources and planet colonization.
  • Marketplace: The Star Atlas NFT marketplace, often known as the Galactic Marketplace, is now operational and in use. As early adopters and traders construct their ship fleets for use in the already released minigame and preparation for the main game, usage and adoption of the marketplace are increasing.

Star Atlas Inventory

Your Inventory in Star Atlas is expanded by the NFTs you purchase. They are unique and are kept in your connected wallet. There are two ways you can use your inventory. They can use them to start a Star Atlas metaverse career or establish themselves as a Star Atlas trader.

Before you can play or make a purchase, you’ll need a wallet based on Solana. There are a few choices, including Phantom, Solflare, and, but we advise Phantom because it is more widely used and user-friendly than the others in a way similar to MetaMask. Before making a new account, you must download and install the wallet’s browser extension. Your 12-word key should be written down and kept in a secure location. We should find out about Star Atlas crypto in this Star Atlas review.

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