Textbroker Website Review: Is a Legit or Scam

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Textbroker Website Review

There has never been a better moment to be a writer. Although there are two sides to that tale, it is undeniable that starting out is made much simpler by websites like Textbroker.

Which of these “writer” websites can you trust, though, as a majority of them are frauds? Legitimacy of Textbroker we’ll discuss in our review because, if you love to write, it’s undoubtedly your dream to make a living doing one. I got it. Although it’s not exactly how I had envisioned I would make a living as a writer, the creation of this website has allowed me to help others.

What is a textbroker?

Textbroker is a content marketplace for writers to work together on tasks like product descriptions, press releases, online copy, blog entries, technical articles, white papers, social media postings, news articles, customers and freelance.

Their clientele includes independent bloggers, publishing houses, and minor and major corporations.

Personally, Writing for yourself is far more profitable, in my opinion. However, content mills like Textbroker have a place in the work-from-home world.

Textbroker Writer’s Review with Payment Proof 

“Textbroker is not a scam, but when your business involves a work-at-home/make money online opportunity, people get suspicious. … It’s hard enough to make good money as a freelance writer… but with Textbroker it’s unlikely you’ll even earn minimum wage.”- Creepo Koko 

“I’m a 4–star writer on Textbroker, which means I make 1.4 cents/word on the open orders and a little more on the team orders and direct orders. So on the days that I hit $100+, I write over 8,000 words. With most of the assignments landing in the 500–800 word range, I typically have to write 10–14 articles to hit $100. I’m not the fastest typist, and I tend to procrastinate a lot between articles, so it usually takes me about 8 hours to hit $100, but some writers get there in much less time.”- Chris Desatoff.

Payment Proof: 

How to become a writer on textbroker 

1. Registration

2. Submit a Writing Sample

3. Rating Assignment

4. Setting Up Your Profile

5. Finding Projects 

How does TextBroker pay? 

This is where they fall short of all the positive comments and reviews about Textbroker. It’s not likely you’ll earn enough to write for them full-time.

As mentioned earlier, your pay is determined by your rank(2 – 5 stars), set by Textbroker’s editorial staff. I’ve included (below) an example of what a 500-word article would pay based on your author rank.

2-Star – .7 cents/word (500 words pays $3.50)

3-Star – 1 cent/word (500 words pays $5.00)

4-Star – 1.4 cents/word (500 words pays $7.00)

5-Star – 5 cents/word (500 words pays $25.00)

Eligibility criteria 

It costs nothing to sign up with Textbroker. There are never any fees associated with you. The choice of how much to write for Textbroker is entirely yours. There are no limits on the amount of work that can be done.

Final Thought 

Using Textbroker is a terrific way to outsource work to expand content marketing campaigns or make money as a freelance writer. Their price structure is standard in that each word is charged separately. Individual rates are reasonable and superior to those of several other content mills.

It’s also a wonderful touch to have a variety of writers to choose from. This enables you to get a feel for the market before spending money on more expensive authors.

The only drawback is that if you want to be a writer, you have to be a citizen of the United States.

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