India’s strongest brand, Jio, is ranked ninth worldwide: brand finance analysis

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Reliance According to Brand Finance’s most recent research, “Global 500 – 2023,” Jio has been named the ninth-strongest brand in the world and the strongest brand in India.
Jio was ranked ninth among the world’s strongest brands, behind companies like Google, YouTube, Deloitte, and Instagram but ahead of companies like EY, Coca-Cola, Accenture, and Porsche.
This is the yearly report of the most valuable and enduring brands in the world.
According to the Brand Finance listing, Jio is the sole brand among the top 25 strongest brands in the world, with a Brand Strength Index of 90.2.
It claimed that a scorecard of measures that support a brand’s strength is used in Brand Finance’s approach to construct the Brand Strength Index.

Among these measures are marketing expenditure, awareness, consideration, reputation, net promoter score (NPS), acquisition, retention, market share, volume, and price premium. This takes into consideration the brand’s relative market power.
“Brand Strength Index, is primarily a quantitative analysis, where scores for the independent measures are informed by market research (functional and emotional drivers), and financial data (marketing investment, price premium, revenue growth),” says Brand Finance of a “Brand Strength Index,” which is essentially a modified Balanced Scorecard split between the three core pillars of the “Brand Value Chain.”

To introduce its Brand Guardianship Index 2023 at a special event held in collaboration with Deloitte during the World Economic Forum, Brand Finance was in Davos on Thursday. Building sustainability into the organisational culture and brand strategy was the topic of a panel discussion that Brand Finance hosted with other business leaders after releasing its list of the top 100 CEOs in the world. London serves as the company’s main office.

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