Monthly mutual fund SIPs exceeded 13,500 crore in December; according to AMFI data, equity inflows increased by around 220%.

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Inflows into equities mutual fund schemes significantly increased 223 percent in the final month of the 2022 calendar year compared to the month before. From 13,306.5 crore in November, monthly systematic investment plans (SIPs) increased to 13,573 crore.
The relevance of investing in equity markets for longer-term goals is not overlooked by investors, as seen by the rising awareness and use of SIP as a goal-linked strategy to build wealth over the long term, according to N S Venkatesh, Chief Executive, AMFI.

According to data provided on Tuesday by the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI), 380 equity mutual fund schemes witnessed a total inflow of 7,303 crore in December, compared to 2,258 crore in November.
It is important to note that the amount of money that was invested in equities mutual fund schemes in December was still 22% less than it was in October, when it was 9,390 crore.
Another pattern that deserves attention is the 21.7 percent decline in index mutual fund intake from 8,601 crore in November to 6,736 crore in December.

Fixed income or debt mutual fund schemes experienced a significant outflow in December, with a total of 312 schemes losing 21,946 crore.

This contrasts with a substantial influx of $3,668 crore in debt schemes in November before it. A total of 318 debt-related programmes had an outflow in October as well, totaling 2,817 crore.
Another event that took place in December was the introduction of 36 new schemes, 24 of which were open-ended and the remaining 12 were close-ended. The total amount raised by these new programmes in December, the month they were introduced, was 8,486 crore.

16 debt schemes, 6 equity-focused, 1 multi-asset allocation scheme, 9 index funds, and 4 more ETFs were among the new debuts.

“This month, approximately 24 lac new SIPs were registered, which reflects growing investor confidence in the instrument,” added Venkatesh. The quickest way to develop a regular, disciplined investing habit is through SIPs.

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