Nirmala Sitharaman, the finance minister, will begin pre-budget meetings on Monday.

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Finance Minister of India

Beginning on Monday, the regular pre-budget meetings will get underway under the direction of Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. This time, infrastructure and climate change-related issues are anticipated to be the main concerns.

On November 21, Sitharaman will convene three virtual sessions with industry chambers, infrastructure experts, and environmentalists to solicit input from stakeholders on the creation of the 2023–24 Budget.
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On November 22, the minister will meet with representatives from the financial sector, the capital markets, and the agriculture and agroprocessing industries.

Along with experts from the social sector, including health, education, water, and sanitation, she will also meet with members of the services sector and trade organisations in November 24.

On November 28, trade union representatives and economists will meet to discuss the pre-budget.

Participants will offer recommendations for the 2023–24 budget, which the Finance Minister will present to Parliament on February 1.

According to sources, India has committed to being a net carbon emitter by the year 2070, so addressing climate change would be one of the budget’s top priorities in 2023–24.

The following year’s budget will need to handle important challenges like high inflation, increasing demand, job creation, and getting the economy back on a sustained growth path of 8% or more.

The penultimate full budget before the scheduled general elections in April-May 2024, it would be the fifth for the Modi 2.0 administration and Sitharaman.

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