Preety Pandey is hired by MobiKwik to oversee the financial department.

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Preety Pandey has been chosen by fintech platform MobiKwik to oversee the organization’s financial operations.

During his six years with the business, Pandey oversaw financial planning and corporate finance, which included boosting profitability, controlling the treasury, raising debt and working capital lines, forming corporate banking relationships, and conducting business negotiations.

She formerly held finance positions with Grofers, Flipkart, and HSBC US.

She succeeds Dilip Bidani, the previous CFO, who left to pursue other opportunities.

As we get ready for the approaching IPO, Preety adds appropriate leadership and vision to the function, according to MobiKwik cofounder Upasana Taku. “Preety has played a crucial part in the success of the company over the years,” Taku said.

The platform includes 3.7 million merchants, 35 million users with pre-approved credit, and 134 million registered users. The leading fintech company is transforming into a neobanking platform, expanding its offerings beyond payments to include investments and digital credit.

According to a January 3 article by ET, the fintech firm planned to increase its staff by 80 to 100 people this year, with new hires planned for the engineering, marketing, finance, collections, and other areas.

“We saw an 80% increase in business growth last year, and we’ve had two extremely profitable quarters. We are currently searching for responsible adults who can manage our expansion, control risk, and expand across teams. In addition to hiring branding talent, we’re seeking for a senior leader to lead the public policy team. Of course, most of the hiring will be done on the technology and engineering side “ET was told by Taku.

The organisation is also on the lookout for mid-to-senior level expertise to fuel its large-scale operations and more avant-garde product lines. Over the next six to eight months, the hiring will be completed.

We’re searching for individuals that can be agile and construct things from scratch for our newer product lines, like insuretech, she had stated.

As part of its DEI strategy, it is also attempting to increase the proportion of women in senior roles and in interviews and recruiting processes.

One of the businesses that postponed its IPO aspirations last year was MobiKwik. Once the markets have stabilised, the company would review its IPO ambitions, Taku had added.

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