Re 1 to 9.70: In five years, a penny stock that recently underwent a 1:10 split becomes a multibagger

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One of the multibagger stocks in India is the stock of Leading Leasing Finance And Investment Company Ltd. One of the stocks that announced the subdivision of shares in 2022 is a small-cap stock with a market worth of roughly 52 crore. The company’s board of directors announced a 1:10 stock split this year, and the stock began trading after the split on September 22, 2022.
This small-cap stock has given its stockholders a return of more than 25% during the past month. However, this stock has a history of giving its owners a huge return. In the last five years, it rose from about Re 1 to 9.70 per share, giving its long-term positional investors an 870 percent return.

Price history of Leading Leasing Finance shares
This small-cap multibagger penny stock has increased from about $7.75 to $9.70 per share in the past month, marking a roughly 25% increase, while it has increased from $6.80 to $9.70 per share in the past six months, recording a roughly 42% increase. The stock, however, remained flat over the first half of the previous year, giving its stockholders an 8% return. However, the penny stock has increased from about Re 1 (September 29, 2017) to levels of $9.70 per piece, logging an increase of about 870 percent over this period.

1 lakh becomes 9.70 lakh.
If an investor had put Rs. 1 lakh in this penny stock about 5 years ago, their original investment would have changed into Rs. 9.70 lakh now because the stock has increased from roughly Re 1 to 9.70 apiece levels in the last nearly 5 years.
Shares split
Since the board of directors decided to split the shares of the BSE-listed firm from the then-existing 10 face value of shares to Re 1 face value of shares, this multibagger penny stock has recently traded ex-split.

This small-cap multibagger stock concluded the previous week’s trading day with a market valuation of close to 52 crore, while its Friday transaction volume was 2.93 lakh. Its 52-week high per share is 17.38, while its 52-week low is 4.23. This multibagger penny stock has a book value per share of 17.97.

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