The government is asking for approval from the legislature to spend 3.25 trillion rupees more this fiscal year.

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On Friday, the government asked Parliament’s approval for a net increase in spending for the current fiscal year of more than Rs 3.25 lakh crore, including more than Rs 1.09 lakh crore for the payment of fertiliser subsidies.

Additionally, authorisation for Rs 80,348.25 crore has been requested to cover ministry of food and consumer affairs expenses, mostly for the distribution of free foodgrains to the underprivileged.

Additionally, approval has been requested for expenditures of Rs 29,944 crore from the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas for payments of LPG subsidies to oil marketing companies and LPG connections for the underprivileged under the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana.

According to the initial batch of additional grant requests submitted to the Lok Sabha by Minister of State for Finance Pankaj Chaudhary, authorization is needed for gross additional spending of around Rs 4.36 lakh billion.

Of this, proposals involving net cash outgo total more than Rs 3.25 lakh crore, and gross new expenditure, matched by ministry/department savings or by increased receipts total more than Rs 1.10 lakh crore.

Along with an additional Rs 10,000 crore transfer to the GST compensation fund for the purpose of compensating the states and UTs, the additional expenditure also comprises Rs 13,669 crore and Rs 12,000 crore for meeting the spending requirements of the Telecom and Railways Ministries.

The Rural Development Ministry has requested approval for an additional Rs 46,000 crore in spending, including Rs 4,920 crore under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee scheme.

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