Winter Session of Parliament 2022: Nirmala Sitharaman criticises the Congress and claims that the party is envious of the nation’s expanding economy

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Finance Minister of India

The Indian Rupee has gained strength relative to all other currencies, according to Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman.
The Indian Parliament’s current winter session, which began on December 7, is currently in its fifth working day. Both Houses of Parliament have been in session since 11 a.m. During this session, the central government is considering passing at least 16 new bills.

On Friday, a contentious private member’s bill that would create a committee to create a uniform civil code was introduced in the Rajya Sabha. The disagreement between Karnataka and Maharashtra as well as the India-China border issue caused a stir in the Lok Sabha.

The Indian rupee, according to Nirmala Sitharaman, is strong against all other currencies.

And now, in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday, India’s Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman, remarked, “It is terrible that certain members in Parliament are envious of the country’s booming economy,” while taking aim at the opposition. He continued by saying that while everyone should be proud of India’s development, some people regard it as a joke despite the fact that it is the economy with the fastest rate of growth. However, the opposition has an issue with this.

Additionally, according to Finance Minister Sitharaman, the Indian Rupee has gained strength versus all other currencies. To prevent excessive dollar-rupee volatility, the Reserve Bank has intervened in the market using its foreign exchange reserves.

The government has decided to introduce the significant law during the budget session despite a lack of sufficient preparation, which includes delays in drafting and the failure to complete the consultation process. The Insurance Amendment Bill is crucial because it will have significant implications, along with quick privatisation and data security in the banking industry.

In this case, the administration wishes to carefully consider every element before introducing these three legislation. While the debate over the Data Security Bill is nearing its conclusion, the text of the Banking Amendment Bill has not yet been created. The Insurance Amendment Bill draught has been developed, but the discussion has not yet come to a conclusion.

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